Name: Donation Station
Price: 1.00 USD

This is a Donation perk if you donate it will help me keep up the server, and if you do you will be give an reward

You can donate between 1.00 to any amount higher to help us out

The Particle Pack will give you the ability to have all of Minecrafts Particles at your fingertips! 

This will include Wings, Halos, Trails, and Much More!


/pp gui          This will open the Particles GUI

/pp reset     This will reset your all Particles and Data

/pp help        This will bring up the Particles Help Page

/pp effects   This will bring up all the Available Particles

/pp style         This will bring up all Particle Styles

/pp fixed        This will keep a Fixed Particle on your player

/pp data          This will bring up your current Particle Data (What Particles You Have On)